8 Helpful Unpacking Tips to Help You Get Settled Quickly in Dubai


Preparing to move to Dubai can be quite stressful, especially if you are unfamiliar with Dubai. Luckily, there are many Helpful Unpacking Tips you can take to make this transition go more smoothly. You can just use Movers in Dubai to make your move stress-free and easy. You need to know where to start and how to manage your time effectively while moving. Here are eight helpful unpacking tips that will help you get settled quickly in Dubai, no matter which area of the city you choose to live in.

1) Ask your employer to help you settle

If you can see if your employer can help with some of your initial expenses for settling into a new location. It will save you lots of time and energy if you don’t have to go looking for a place to live and furniture when you first arrive. Also, be sure to check with HR or whoever handles relocation so that they can send you information on housing, transportation options, and other pertinent details specific to your move. This also gives them a chance to ask any questions they may need to be answered before sending you out into the wild unknown (aka an unfamiliar city). Don’t forget that there might be some cost-of-living differences between where you are relocating from and where you are moving!


Helpful Unpacking Tips
Helpful Unpacking Tips

2) Ask your landlord for assistance

Renting an apartment is completely different from renting a hotel room. Your landlord will generally have a checklist of things that need to be done before you can officially move into your new home. Ask for it and get everything on it checked off before you move. This way, you won’t get stuck waiting for internet, unable to set up utilities, or drop by your local branch office because you don’t know which one to go to.

3) Leave half the stuff in boxes, if you have time

It’s common for people to unpack as much as they can, but make it a point not to empty all your boxes. If you’re moving into an apartment and have time, plan for about half of your stuff to stay boxed up for a while. For complete packing and the moving solution, you can hire movers in Dubai Marina for professional movers. This allows you some flexibility with adjusting your decorating scheme or getting rid of things later on if you don’t like them. Of course, if you don’t have time, there’s no shame in sending things back that aren’t going to be unpacked immediately! In a perfect world, though, packing and unpacking should happen at different times so you don’t end up having an enormous amount of stuff laying around without somewhere specific for it to go.

4) Collect furniture and large appliances from other areas of your home

If you’re moving into a new home, chances are you already have some furniture. Take advantage of your old living room set by hauling it into your new abode—or better yet, have a friend or family member take it off your hands. Otherwise, send it to a secondhand store like Goodwill or Salvation Army. It might not be worth much, but it will still help lighten your load and save you money on rental trucks. Once everything is where it belongs, unpack quickly and make sure that any boxes that need to be unpacked can be opened easily. Some people prefer storing their boxes flat while others find stacking them easier (just make sure they don’t get too heavy). Whatever you do, don’t leave them stacked up against walls for weeks on end as they can become a tripping hazard!

5) Shop carefully at IKEA

When you’re moving from one home to another, chances are you have a lot of stuff to unpack. Instead of trying to make your life easier by winging it, or hiring a random helper who isn’t very familiar with where your stuff goes, do yourself (and your future self) a favor and take just five minutes out of your IKEA shopping trip. Read over these tips before going into IKEA so that when you arrive home with all of your new furniture and boxes, things go smoothly. It makes unpacking so much easier! The following is a quick rundown of helpful tips for organizing your stuff once you get it home:
Chances are, there will be lots of smaller items (furniture pieces and accessories) to put together, but since they’re smaller than big pieces like beds and dressers, they can often go together without instructions. Just think about how each piece should fit together as you assemble them; sometimes pictures on packaging can help as well. If you can easily see how something should fit together without having to look at directions too closely, chances are you won’t need them. Just be sure not to skip steps along the way—it’s easy to forget an important step when putting small items together quickly.

6) Buy a good vacuum cleaner

While you may not have considered it, it’s vital to have a good vacuum cleaner when moving overseas. New countries and cultures can lead to new kinds of dirt and dust. A powerful vacuum will help keep your home spick-and-span while you get used to your new environment. Several factors make a great home vacuum cleaner – suction power, bagless vs bagged, ease of use, price – so make sure you know what’s most important for you before making a purchase.

7) Put things together yourself whenever possible

When you’re unpacking your belongings, remember that you don’t have to be completely set up right away. The best way to get settled into a new place is by putting things together yourself whenever possible. When you move into a new apartment or home, consider working on it as you go; hang some curtains and put together some furniture while there are still boxes on hand. If something isn’t easy for you to do on your own, enlist some friends or family members who can lend a hand. This will make moving day much easier, plus it will give you a sense of ownership over your new living space even before everything is unpacked and put away. Just remember not to leave any loose items lying around once everything has been sorted out; safety first!

8) Don’t buy everything at once

When you first arrive, don’t rush out and buy everything. Take time to go through your things and decide what you need, and where they should be stored. For example, if you have lots of shoes, only get a couple of sets of shelves and put them all on them – don’t go buying shoe racks! This will not only help you organize your home more efficiently; it will also ensure that you don’t end up with a ton of useless stuff that is just taking up space.


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